The Vision

Midtown Santa Fe will be a thriving new center of activity for Santa Feans. This mixed-use development will build a community and cultivate an environment of innovation and creativity.

The City is committed to implementing the best practices of public-private partnerships of similar large-scale development projects, and sophisticated developers with a track record of successfully implementing complex mixed-use districts will work with us to create the right mix of land uses:

  • Mixed Use & Residential
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Higher Education
  • Film & Multimedia
  • Public Open Space
  • Arts & Culture

Midtown will become an essential and memorable hub in Santa Fe, reflecting the City’s heritage and culture where all residents are invited to live, work, play, and learn. The site shall become the most creative location in the U.S. — a place where a wide variety of people interact and collaborate to find their passions, build their skills, live in a thriving, vibrant neighborhood, and create a great future for our community, region and beyond.


New housing at Midtown Santa Fe will focus on the needs of the City’s various communities so that there are affordable options for diverse households. In addition, neighborhood-serving retail and other amenities are critical to creating a whole, livable community.
Live/Work Studios Rental and For-Sale Apartments Neighborhood Retail Community and Civic Facilities Fitness and Recreation Facilities Library Day Care


Midtown will strengthen the economy of Santa Fe by providing opportunities for residents of all skill and experience levels. It will be a place that supports local entrepreneurship and accelerates great ideas in existing businesses, and will serve as an innovation hub that facilitates synergies between academics, creativity, development, programming and production.
Studios Coworking Spaces Tech Lab Meeting Facilities Business Accelerators Small Business Center


Midtown Santa Fe should be a home for higher education institutions that will play a critical role in developing the next great design thinkers and doers. Its collection of academic institutions will be teaching, learning and research centers for technology, film and multimedia, and the arts. The site will lead the future of design-based learning, and students in Midtown will ultimately lead innovations in their respective fields.
Vocational and Technical Training Film, Digital and Multimedia School Technology and Programming School Design-based Learning Program Arts, Architecture and Design Programs


The development will include a world-class studio campus, centered around the existing Greer Garson Studios, in order to support large film, television, augmented and virtual reality, video game, animation, short-form and other emerging media production. There will be internships and career opportunities for students completing courses at the local academic institutions.
New Sound Stages Back Lot Pre- and Post Production Facilities Offices


This is intended to be a new place for community and city events and gatherings. A new plaza with a series of programmable open spaces will create opportunities for recreation, performances, relaxing, and other activities, as well as support the green infrastructure in the district.
Performance space Parks Playgrounds Plaza Tree-lined streets and green spaces


Midtown Santa Fe will be a place where community arts and culture thrive. Santa Fe’s unique identity will permeate all design strategies, uses, and programming for the development of the site. Existing arts organizations within the arts complex at the site, along with the Greer Garson Theater, will continue to serve as the cornerstones and catalysts for art, design, culture, and activation. The site will provide the opportunity to preserve, grow, and sustain the local arts organizations and artists that make this city wonderful.
Reuse Greer Garson Theater Preserve Santa Fe Arts Institute Outdoor Performance Space Cultural Center Signature Architecture Community Arts Programming and Activation