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Midtown is Moving Forward with public engagement opportunities throughout the fall. In collaboration with a team of community organizations, the city is sponsoring various ways and venues for participation. From in-person community events to online conversations and interactive planning exercises, the bi-lingual opportunities for public participation are designed to appeal to Santa Fe’s diverse community.

Please visit the events page and check back regularly for updates. Community feedback will help inform development plans for the future of the Midtown District.


Midtown Santa Fe is a 64-acre district that will be transformed into a mixed-use, urban district in the heart of the city. The goal is to create a dynamic place — an innovation hub that is enriched by arts and culture experience and anchored with higher education institutions, film and multimedia companies, technology and entrepreneurial businesses, community arts organizations, as well as civic buildings and public open spaces.

New housing and neighborhood-serving commercial spaces will also make it a place for people to live, work, learn, and play. The complementary ecosystem of uses is intended to encourage creativity in all forms while promoting social equity, environmental sustainability, and Santa Fe’s heritage and culture. The vision is a district that is beautifully designed and provides an opportunity for residents to prosper, grow, and continue the tradition of multi-generational families in Santa Fe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City still envisions a vibrant, people-oriented, new mixed-use district with a variety of uses including, residential, higher education, film and media, arts, and culture, and programmed open spaces – all with a vision of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and job development and training. The City is committed to implementing the best practices of public-private partnership used on similar large-scale development projects to create the best mix of land uses, including those previously identified by the public, including:

  • Mixed Use & Residential
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Higher Education
  • Film & Multimedia
  • Public Open Space
  • Arts & Culture

This vision, established through Public Visioning Sessions in the summer of 2018, has not changed since the Governing Body passed a resolution memorializing this vision in the Midtown Planning Guidelines.

(Planning Guidelines for the Midtown Property:

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